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October, 2021

The quick reference guide to the latest SAP ERP options

Each of the most recent SAP ERP options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But first, you must comprehend the distinctions and what each delivers.

Here's a rundown of the many varieties of S/4HANA software and the most critical details about each.

1) Cloud S/4HANA

It is what it is. SAP's multi-tenant SaaS ERP software, S/4HANA Cloud, is the company's entry-level solution. S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Edition and Multi-Tenant Edition were the former names for it.

May, 2021

What Is Material Requirements Planning (MRP)?

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a method for measuring the materials and components necessary for the development of a product.

It consists of three key steps: taking stock of the available materials and parts, determining which extra ones are needed, and then preparing their development or purchasing.

May, 2021

9 questions for your software partner

Can you trust your partner to do a good job?

Look for a partner that treats you like their biggest client. Even if you aren’t. That way, you’ll know that they’ll make your needs a priority and add more resources to support you. No matter where you are based.

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July, 2021

Seven Key Phases Of Software Selection

Selecting the right software for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make over the next several years. Regardless of the size of your business, you need the appropriate software tools to run your sales and operations in the most effective fashion. A well thought-out plan will focus your software decisions and help you make choices that will serve you well into the future.

April, 2021

Software Selection Process and Criteria

A good system should impact every single part of your business. These highly sought-after enterprise applications help manage activities, including planning, research and development, purchasing, supply chain management, sales, and marketing.

There are countless solutions available, so it’s crucial that you make the right choice that fits your organization. But do you know what the selection process looks like?

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar! That’s the very reason we built this ultra-comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to select a system. 

May, 2021

Top 10 “Gotchas” in SaaS Agreements

The Promise of the Cloud

Adopting “Software as a Service” (SaaS) has been a fast-growing trend in organizations to achieve innovative business processes, functions, and solutions.

SaaS offers a number of attractive benefits, including the promise of additional flexibility in license deployment, elimination of infrastructure oversight and maintenance, lower entry costs to use, and faster speed to market with always up to date solutions.

Though businesses today have adopted SaaS based on these benefits, many find that the reality of the cloud is much different than its expectation.