Salesforce Alternatives

April, 2021

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that enables nurturing relationships with customers and prospects to drive sales and profitability.

CRM consists of a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage processes to access business information, customer data, customer interaction, automate sales, track leads, customer support, clients and contacts, support vendor, partner relationships, handle knowledge and training, assets or resources.

Today’s CRM is highly scalable and customizable, allowing businesses to view business opportunities with predictive analytics. It will hence enable companies to gain actionable insights, streamline operations and personalize customer service based on customer’s history and prior interactions with your business.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales helps sales professionals build customer relations, maintain accounts, track contacts, nurture sales leads and create sales collateral. It has a mobile app and offers cloud and self-hosted deployment. Serving small, medium and large organizations across industries including retail, manufacturing and healthcare, it’s a common Salesforce alternative.

Key Features

The software empowers users with native integration, bi-directional data sync with Microsoft Office 365 applications and an impressive host of CRM capabilities. It adds value to sales professionals with sales quotations, partner relationship management (PRM), reporting, sales forecasting, workflow automation, gamification, customization and much more. Built with AI, the system helps unify solutions and aggregate data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Office 365 and other platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

The sales dashboard in Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Primary Benefits

A product visualization feature (in preview for iOS) assists sales representatives in creating 3D digital twins of a product within their customers’ environment. Users can also use pre-built sales solutions on AppSource to extend the platform’s capabilities.


  • Doesn’t support native integration with Gmail.
  • Lacks native validation rules.
  • Sending validation rules requires integration with Dynamics 365 Marketing.



Insightly, a cloud-deployed solution that facilitates sales, marketing and project management, all through a unified dashboard. It helps businesses of all sizes grow by enabling them to maintain customer relationships and deliver projects on time. The suite also features mobile access for Android and iOS devices.

Key Features

With Insightly you can build custom apps that validate rules, calculate fields, monitor automation and manage dashboard functionality. It also lets you create multi-step business processes through workflow automation, which can send email alerts, update records and execute custom business logic, all while syncing to external systems from SAP, Oracle and others. Automatic lead routing, reporting, email tracking, calendar sync, record linking and more are included as well.

Insightly Territory Dashboard

Global view of won opportunities in Insightly.

Primary Benefits

Robust integrations (Microsoft, Google, Zapier and many others), business card scanning and a third-generation API assist business growth. Its Insightly Voice feature provides a completely integrated CRM telephony solution.


  • Doesn’t provide native gamification options.
  • Lacks advanced features like custom forecast periods, opportunity splits and predictive opportunity scoring.


HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a Salesforce competitor that has a lot to offer. A cloud-based solution, it fits well for any size organization and helps users with lead progression, sales activities and sales cycle acceleration to close more deals. The platform supports sales representatives with various tasks such as capturing prospects, connecting with new leads, closing deals and managing pipelines.

Key Features

HubSpot Sales eliminates manual entry of contact info and offers workflow automation to further reduce manual tasks. Its email functionality provides tracking, scheduling and built-in templates that can be personalized and accessed inside your inbox and shared with your team. You can automatically log calls to HubSpot CRM and enable document tracking, calendar sync and meeting scheduling.

HubSpot Sales Pipeline Data

A summary review of pipeline metrics in HubSpot Sales Hub.

Primary Benefits

If you want to use Sales Hub in tandem with Salesforce, a bi-directional sync option captures a record of every email, meeting, call and many other functionalities. The platform allows you to reroute chat conversations to the appropriate salesperson, enables predictive lead scoring, generates reports and has dashboarding capabilities that share high-level business metrics with executives and much more granular metrics for the sales team.


  • Can’t customize the activity feed to add more users.
  • No built-in gamification tool.


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud helps users shorten sales cycles, boost sales growth and increase sales productivity. Companies can achieve a unified sales experience, gain real-time insights and leverage scalable capabilities that are powered by SAP HANA.

Key Features

SAP Sales Cloud provides sales automation and forecast optimization along with real-time lead management, increased pipeline visibility and insights to drive closed deals. A secure and collaborative portal is available for contract and quote management. Analytics tools support sales performance management, aid territory targeting and help with quota planning.

SAP Cloud Sales - Customer Insight

The JAM feature in SAP Sales Cloud, offering sales insights.

Primary Benefits

You can achieve comprehensive management of the sales cycle, billing and invoicing. SAP Sales Cloud also automates revenue recognition for compliance with IFRS 15 and ASC 606 across multiple channels. Augmented intelligence helps detect outliers as well as provide real-time prescriptive plan recommendations and personalized recommendations.


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Built with AI, it provides sales professions with lead scoring, phone and email communications, activity capturing and much more. The platform is cloud-based and works well for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

With Freshsales, you’ll get features such as lead management and scoring, dashboards, customizable reports, territory management, and sales activity management with reminders and notifications. An in-platform phone system enables sales reps to make calls from Freshsales. It also offers email tools, from customizable templates and a team inbox to metrics for tracking email open and click rates.

Freshsales Deal Pipeline

A pipeline with deal stages in Freshsales.

Primary Benefits

Freshsales natively integrates with a host of popular business apps to add greater utility. The platform features Smartforms to drive lead generation by collecting leads from filled web forms. With workflow automation, you get a point-and-click interface that makes it much easier to set up and run business processes.


  • Lacks vertical-specific products, forcing clients to customize solutions with the help of third-party resources.