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May, 2021

9 questions for your software partner

Can you trust your partner to do a good job?

Look for a partner that treats you like their biggest client. Even if you aren’t. That way, you’ll know that they’ll make your needs a priority and add more resources to support you. No matter where you are based.

March, 2021

Augmented Reality in Customer Experience

How Augmented Reality Works

Augmented Reality (AR) technology in Customer Experience is the overlaying of virtual elements onto a physical picture, thereby allowing the user to visualise impacts or enhancements through displays such as HoloLens or Google Glass or the camera view of a smartphone or tablet.

Unlike virtual reality, which transforms you into a different scenario, AR relies on beautifully produced virtual elements. These things create magical interactions, allowing the interweaving of information, designs, or that sofa into a physical reality. As a result, the user gets to analyse the specifics in a situation.