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Choosing the Right Software Partner with Software Advisory

The search for the most appropriate partner in software development outsourcing is challenging and tiresome. It will take weeks and months to scrutinize possible outsourcing partners. Furthermore, after a worldwide epidemic, outsourcing has become even more critical; it is a process that requires careful consideration and adequate time. This article offers suggestions and recommendations for the best software development outsourcing partner that will work for you.

October, 2021

The quick reference guide to the latest SAP ERP options

Each of the most recent SAP ERP options has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But first, you must comprehend the distinctions and what each delivers.

Here's a rundown of the many varieties of S/4HANA software and the most critical details about each.

1) Cloud S/4HANA

It is what it is. SAP's multi-tenant SaaS ERP software, S/4HANA Cloud, is the company's entry-level solution. S/4HANA Cloud Essentials Edition and Multi-Tenant Edition were the former names for it.

May, 2021

What Is Material Requirements Planning (MRP)?

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a method for measuring the materials and components necessary for the development of a product.

It consists of three key steps: taking stock of the available materials and parts, determining which extra ones are needed, and then preparing their development or purchasing.

May, 2021

9 questions for your software partner

Can you trust your partner to do a good job?

Look for a partner that treats you like their biggest client. Even if you aren’t. That way, you’ll know that they’ll make your needs a priority and add more resources to support you. No matter where you are based.

May, 2021

Why SAP Business ByDesign is a Better Value than NetSuite - ERP

In the increasingly crowded market for cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems that serve SMBs, two offerings typically stand out from the pack.

SAP Business ByDesign and Oracle’s NetSuite both consistently top the ratings charts when it comes to cloud ERP tools. What is a business to do when it comes down to choosing between two beloved heavy hitters with a catalog of stellar reviews from the midsized business world?

May, 2021

Neutral review ByDesign VS Netsuite

The number of cloud solutions now on offer puts you in a better position than ever before to find what you need – BUT you really are spoiled for choice.

For us, at In Cloud Solutions, the key to the success of your ERP project comes down to the partner you decide to work with but in order to help you on your way here are some of the differentiators;  SAP Business ByDesign versus NetSuite ERP.

May, 2021

ERP Comparison

As of 2019, around 77 percent of companies in Germany are using ERP systems and that number continues to increase.

With ERP moving towards mass adoption the more relevant question is no longer should we use an ERP but instead which ERP should we use. This shift is not only due to the functional scope of the system, but also cost factors.

Since implementing an ERP initially requires an investment from the business it is important to make the correct decisions at the beginning and know what different solutions have to offer to best fit your needs.