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August, 2022

CX Software Choices for your Manufacturing Business

Manufacturers used to focus on transactions to sell goods and equipment. However, in the last few years, more demanding customers and a more developed market have led many manufacturers to switch to a relationship-based sales model. The pandemic heightened this attention on consumers during a tough year. CX manufacturing leaders must review every part of their organization to function in a digital age. In that period, they accelerated new business methods.

August, 2022

HCM in Manufacturing and what solution should you pick for your business

In manufacturing, like in many others, human resources (HR) issues and roadblocks get in the way of running things as efficiently as they might be. Recruitment and retention can  be challenging for HR managers in the manufacturing business because of the dire demand for specialists. Effective timekeeping is also an issue because of the company's unusual business strategy. Software-Advisory came up with a list of reasons why a HCM Software is needed for companies and what are the top choices you may consider today for your company.

Choosing the Right Software Partner with Software Advisory

The search for the most appropriate partner in software development outsourcing is challenging and tiresome. It will take weeks and months to scrutinize possible outsourcing partners. Furthermore, after a worldwide epidemic, outsourcing has become even more critical; it is a process that requires careful consideration and adequate time. This article offers suggestions and recommendations for the best software development outsourcing partner that will work for you.

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July, 2021

Seven Key Phases Of Software Selection

Selecting the right software for your business can be one of the most important decisions you make over the next several years. Regardless of the size of your business, you need the appropriate software tools to run your sales and operations in the most effective fashion. A well thought-out plan will focus your software decisions and help you make choices that will serve you well into the future.